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Digital Sustainability Knowledge Hub (DS Hub)

Business School

Industry transformation to promote a digitally enabled, sustainable AEC industry


We address the issues of bringing industry leaders and businesses on board to fully capitalize on the opportunities of digital transformation in order to maximize the impact of sustainability both in terms of economic growth and employee well-being. This includes exploring the impact of smart city strategies on business activity and re-envisaging the architecture of industry ecosystems more broadly. We build on ongoing interdisciplinary work with faculty members from business (MNGT, ISTM, and AGSM) and the Built Environment to examine and design solutions for identified challenges, cooperate with a set of established AEC business partners (Architectus, Cox, and MottMacDonald), and continuously expand this partner-set by working with Built Environment and AGSM faculty members. We seek to develop frameworks and process models that will guide industrial transformation, starting with an online infographic tool (to engage potential collaborators) and practitioner-oriented outlets to share high-level insights.

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