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Digital Sustainability Knowledge Hub (DS Hub)

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There has been a growing expectation on how higher education institutions (HEIs) can contribute to sustainable development. In this context, it is important that HEIs collaborate with other stakeholder groups, such as civil society, governments, the private sector, non-governmental organizations and the general public, to co-create a holistic way to better contribute to sustainable development. With the establishment of the Education for Digital Sustainability (EDS) programme, DS Hub will perform translational research through engaged scholarship, develop educational programmes, and create pedagogical innovation in an effort to promote and disseminate knowledge created from the Hub’s research output. EDS will emphasize action-oriented approaches that call for various academic disciplines to work together through inter- and transdisciplinary collaborations to co-create digital solutions and better contribute to the realization of the SDGs. Conceptual frameworks, models, tools, and platforms will also be developed to advance these complex issues. EDS will operate under the Responsible Research in Business & Management (RRBM) organization and movement, namely, its 2030 Vision and seven principles, effectively creating “Science for Better Business and a Better World”.


Workshops on Digital Sustainability

This project intends to produce workshop contents to promote the Hub’s concepts and visions, as a primary goal, throughout students and staff members. These specific workshops can be based on Digital Sustainability fundamentals.

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