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Digital Sustainability Knowledge Hub (DS Hub)

The Hub engages in multi-disciplinary research, education, and engagement with the aim of advancing UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

Digital sustainability (DS) is the ability to advance the UN Sustainability Development Goals (UN SDGs) through the effective deployment of digitally enabled solutions.

Thought Leadership


Building design principles for a Wildlife Management Analytics System (WAMS)

Wildlife plays an integral role in securing the ecological health of our planet, and also helps create economic value through ecotourism and cultural heritage. However, it is currently threated by several factors, that include but aren’t restricted to urbanisation, climate change, and over exploitation. Wildlife loss is a disturbing reality worldwide and has a negative impact on the sustainability of biodiversity as well as on human welfare. 

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News & Events

AI Governance and Transformation for Sustainability

How the SDGs shape the Future of Work

Digital Transformation of Places

Research & Impact

The pace of digital technology’s evolution is disrupting the foundations of businesses and entire industries with a dramatic impact on economic, social, and environmental sustainability. In this theme, we explore and analyse digital enablement and sustainability on three analytical levels: industry, business organizations, and employees.
The aim of this theme is to address the problem of waste in the construction industry – not in the sense that we use recycled materials to build buildings, but by investigating the following logic towards lean construction to achieve zero waste.
Digitally enabled solutions are moving cities towards smart solutions that position businesses and communities at the centre of sustainable solutions to the challenges of growing cities worldwide. Against the backdrop, in this theme, we seek to explore and contribute to the multifaceted aspects of sustainable city development.
This project aims to design and develop a Knowledge Information System for business schools that maps the schools’ current education and research work against the 17 SDGs and 169 targets.



Workshops on Digital Sustainability

This project intends to produce workshop contents to promote the Hub’s concepts and visions, as a primary goal, throughout students and staff members. These specific workshops can be based on Digital Sustainability fundamentals.

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